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STFU - A Guide For People Who Talk Too Much

Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll say I'm a talker. Ask anyone who has known me for a few years, and they will likely say I talk too much. Ask someone who just met me, and they might wonder where you got that idea. Years ago, I started to evaluate TTM Syndrome (Talk To Much... don't look for it in medical journals, it ain't there, I'm sure) and as I started to look at other TTMs, I was surprised. Yes, my self-diagnosis started with someone who actually talked more than I did (and had less of a filter; something I wasn't sure was possible). Make no mistake, this was one of the smartest people I had ever met. In our more meritocratic communities (my work in Technology, for example) this wasn't (always) seen as a bad thing, but that kind of behavior doesn't foster brainstorming and creative problem solving in others. So, in light of the fact that I just "talked too much" in the intro, here is a guide I made for myself. Edited and upd