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Capsaicin Headaches - A Cure?

Okay, "cure" might be a bit optimistic, but permit me to relate to you the events of the last two days: I took my family out to Old Chicago. Now, I have not been avoiding restaurants which have hot food because I don't ever want to be "that person". You know, the one where you have to watch what you serve because he doesn't eat fish (which I don't), doesn't eat Chinese (which I don't), doesn't eat meat (which I do!), or has some other dietary restrictions which always seem to be imposed on those around him. Buuuut, after trying to get my family to go to Three Margaritas or another fine Mexican restaurant (knowing I'd have to probably eat off the kids menu), we decided on Old Chicago. For those who are unfamiliar with it, it's an awesome pizza-and-beer joint. I ordered their "Double Deckeroni" pepperoni pizza. No big deal. I took my first bite, and *hot*. Yes, it was too hot to be spiced with Italian spices. I knew righ

Capsaicin Headaches, Take 3

Okay, now we're at 4 1/2 months. I've seen an allergist (who is supposed to be an expert at allergies and intolerances) and MAN was that worthless. Me: I've had headaches on and off for the last 6 years or so, all year round. Over the last year they increased in frequency to almost daily. Then, in October when I stopped eating capsaicin, they disappeared overnight. Doc: Hmmm. Since they disappeared at the end of allergy season I don't think it's capsaicin. It's probably your grass allergy. Me: Did you catch the fact that it's been going on for SIX FRIGGIN YEARS???? Anyway, a few interesting tidbits... Now, when I *do* have something hot (to test it) I now have NO tolerance for hot sauce! Man, even the lamest, mildest seasoning is hot to me. My impression is also that my intolerance is getting significantly worse. Early on (November), I was able to have 4 drops of Cholula sauce on Mac and Cheese to no effect. It would take a bit more for me to get a