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Skeptical on Skepticism

For every post here on God And Security, 20 posts go never make it out of my head, and instead go "unposted". Throughout the weeks, many items catch my fancy, thoughts come and go, and my job gets in the way (I need to post from home, ya see...). Today, one escaped. Here are some thoughts on skepticism . Many of todays atheists prefer to be called "skeptics". I suppose this is because "atheism" sounds like (and, indeed has largely become) a religion. Skeptics (in this context) are people who proclaim non-theism in light of the lack of proof, and then take the stance that the lack of proof (or acknowledging that they won't likely prove a negative ) is reason enough to take a contradictory stance. These pseudo-scientists seek to show that a lack of first-person, verifiable positive feedback (i.e. proof) is reason to take a stance on (or, more specifically, against) an item. In this case, the case for God. I say "pseudo scientists" becaus