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Capsaicin Headaches, Take 2

Well, now I am at about the 3 month mark in my experiment ( eliminating capsaicin from my diet ) and I have had a total of 4 headaches in the last three months and all but one were deliberately triggered. This is fascinating to me, as I wonder how many people are suffering the same as I am! ...and I'll tell you what, the idea of taking a capsaicin spray and sticking it up my nose as a "cure" scares the crap outta me. I sure hope it works for other folks who are having a different problem than I, but for me I think I would prolly be in so much pain I would but a bullet through my skull. Short update, and I'm grateful. I feel SOOOOO much better. 4 months ago I would not have even dared to dream I could be headache free for even so much as two weeks in a row...